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New York flushing golden medal driving school | 第一驾驶学校

18 Lesson Super Special

Packages and Pricing

Our packages are competitively priced to give you the highest quality learning experience while at the same time, giving you the lowest price possible. Each package is tailored for those of varying driving experience and individual options are available as well for those who wish to try first before committing to a package.

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18 Lesson Super Special

18 Lesson Super Special.jpg
18 Lesson Super Special.jpg

18 Lesson Super Special

588.00 658.00

This is one of our best deals, an 18-lesson all inclusive package that allows for unlimited road test attempts for an entire year! Not only that but prior to every road test, 2 lessons will be given to you free of charge just to give you that extra edge! 

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18 classes, each class take 45 minutes.

Unlimited road test attempts for an entire year.

Include training car, road test scheduling, car rental, and 5 hour precertification course.


1. All DMV fees are paid by students themselves.

2. All classes are valid for one year.

3. After registration and before the road test, classes can be added or upgraded, but classes cannot be changed within the same level.

* Welcome to call us for more details 718-460-1388 *